Monday, 21 November 2016

Nurse With Wound - Thunder Perfect Mind (1992)

Some more Nurse With Wound is long overdue here - so enjoy one of Steven Stapleton's all-time masterpieces, recorded in late 1991.  Two massive tracks - one lasting 23 minutes, the other 32.  Stapleton had of course been producing side-long epics since day one, but Cold and Colder Still are two of his all-time best.  Sound artist Colin Potter, who would become a long term collaborator, came on board at this point and played a crucial role in buffing up the NWW sound to this new dark psychedelic sheen.

Cold is a glorious racket of grinding, chugging rhythm, mixing in everything but the kitchen sink (although managing to include the smoke alarm by the sounds of it, at the two and a half minute mark), and taking in twisted xylophone-like sounds, sinister haunted typewriters, and god knows what else.  Once this peters out into a odd-legged clanging coda, we're slammed straight into the never-ending dark ambient nightmare of Colder Still.  Gradually gathering pace in its first half, with a subtle, insistent beat that drops out for more mindbending drone, everything picks up pace with the introduction of another rhythm track.  This little bongo loop would be used several more times in 90s NWW, but in its first appearance here it heralds the voices of David Tibet and Rose McDowall intoning some wonderfully bizarre dream imagery.  After this, we're brought a bit more gently back to earth with a stately ambient finale.

Floating up shiny columns of grey green primrose algae


  1. Hello Alan,
    as you kindly commented on my racial Hatred post, i feel i must congratulate you on posting this NWW record which i think particularly fine.
    Also,maybe you should go back to the comments section of the Con-Dom post, because a Brexiter has taken the bait, and left a very confusing and mildly abusive comment.
    I have more 'Hate' records for these dumbasses to misunderstand coming up.
    Nice blog by the way, i dunno why I only just put it in my blogroll...done now.

    1. cheers Jonny. Jeez, you wonder who would bother to leave a comment like that on a music blog, it's bad enough wading through them on a newspaper website every day now that they feel temporarily vindicated. Let them sleepwalk through the new 1930s... until they realise that they've won nothing.