Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Christopher Franke - Klemania (1993)

Picked this up in a charity shop the other week for 50p.  Saw the name, and quickly googled the album to check it was definitely the guy from Tangerine Dream; then realised I could've probably guessed anyway from the track titles.  Even if it's terrible, I couldn't turn it down at that price - it's bound to at least have mild amusement value, surely?

Oh yes, it does. In spades.  If you've always wondered - and I'm sure you have - what a former member of TD would sound like inadvertently playing the main riff from Therapy?'s Meat Abstract (safe to say just a coincidence, unless Franke was somehow aware of Northern Ireland's finest indie metallers) whilst hitting a couple of random sampler buttons marked 'crowd noise' and 'erotic panting', then you've come to the right place.  By the 90s, Franke had turned his attention almost exclusively to soundtrack work, and it certainly shows in the 22 minutes of Scattered Thoughts Of A Canyon Flight (thanks, Tangerine Dream song title generator app!).  There's a lot of fragments here that might've been more than adequate for some 90s thriller or action movie, but ran together they don't make for a coherent piece.

Inside The Morphing Space (thanks again, Tangerine Dream song title generator app!) is more successful in creating the kind of sustained moods that TD themselves might've churned out around the time.  There's at least some decent Berlin School sequencer work going on here, and a more ambient drift towards the end, but as you'd expect the whole thing is completely sunk by the dated, sterile synth gear.  Nonetheless, TD diehards and soundtrack-electronica nerds will find sufficient enjoyment here to give Klemania a whirl - everyone else, do give it a once-over even just for the chuckles.

Silent Waves


  1. Hey, he said they were scattered thoughts!

  2. Hey, he said they were scattered thoughts!