Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Tigran Hamasyan with the Yerevan State Chamber Choir - Luys I Luso (2015)

Armenian for "light from Light", Luys I Luso was the brainchild of pianist Tigran Hamasyan (b. 1987) in which he wanted to fuse together Armenian sacred choral pieces from the 5th - 20th centuries (including ones by Komitas) with classical composition and improvisation.  The results were gorgeous and spellbinding, with the austere beauty of the Yerevan State Chamber Choir blending perfectly with Hamasyan's piano.

Sometimes providing minimal piano accompaniment, sometimes letting rip in more jazzy runs (Voghormea indz Astvats is the most eyebrow-raisingly energetic thing here), Hamasyan's skill is that this potentially clashing mix just works, and pays off in spades.  Whether he's taking a brief diversion into prepared piano (Nor Tsaghik) or closing the album with a sampled recording from 1912 ('made in the presence of Komitas'), Luys I Luso is superbly arranged and just hugely enjoyable in its otherworldly, transportive magic.



  1. Alan, dude, I just wanted to thank you for all the music. I listen to a lot of music at work. Music is part of my life. You have introduced me to music that I know I will listen to regularly for the rest of my life. I stop in every day to see what you've posted. We agree on enough stuff that when you post something I haven't heard of, I know it will be good and I will be entranced by it. I thought maybe I should wish you a merry Christmas and say thanks. Thanks! I don't know what I'd do without it honestly. My mind is perpetually blown. Have a great 2018, friend.

    1. Many thanks Zagazig, much appreciated! All the best to you too for Christmas & next year.


  2. You have a very fine blog. Tks -Carlos