Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Have a great one.  For a gorgeous and relaxing soundtrack to wind down to today, may I recommend this recording of a European Broadcasting Union Christmas concert from last year, recorded at Vigadó Concert Hall, Budapest.  The programme was as follows.

Arvo Pärt: Magnificat
Kodály: Miserere
Javier Busto: O Magnum mysterium
Levente Gyöngyösi: Magnificat
Reger: Vater unser
Arvo Pärt: The Deer's Cry
Hungarian Radio Chorus
Péter Erdei (conductor).


  1. Best season's greetings to you Alan, and thankyou for all the wonderful and innovative sounds you've shared. Long may the goose go slow. :)

  2. Blessings on your house and thanks for so many interesting musical worlds.
    Best Wishes from Lyndon

  3. Thanks for this. Best to you in the new year: keep up the great work!