Monday, 20 February 2017

Popol Vuh - Das Hohelied Salomos (1975)

Haven't posted a Vuh album in a while, so here's one that often gets unfairly maligned compared to some of the stellar heights they were reaching in the 70s on either side of this album.  So is Das Hohelied Salomos (Song of Solomon, and indeed we're back in Biblical territory for the lyrics, all from that particular book) merely... good?  Maybe by this band's impossibly high standards, but just taken as an album in its own right it's stunningly beautiful.

There's much more of Dyong Yun's angelic vocals than on predecessor Einsjäger & Siebenjäger, and Daniel Fichelscher gets in a good balance of acoustic guitar alongside his many liquid layers of lead playing.  In fact, given the mix of the various classic-era Popol Vuh stylings here - some stuff looks forward to the more rocky tone of Letze Tage, other tracks appear to have jumped in straight off Hosianna Mantra - this album is possibly the ideal starting point if you haven't yet dipped a toe in the heavenly Vuh waters.

Der Winter ist Vorbei
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  1. Came across your blog thru cun cun revival. Electro, Krautrock and ECM are just my thing. I'm looking forward to trawling your work. BTW, I drive a taxi in Dublin and always need new sounds to keep me going thru the night, you'd be amazed at the number of people who like this kind of shit and tell me to leave it on once they jump in. Thanks Rory

    1. Nice one Rory, you're giving the passengers of Dublin an invaluable extra service! Hope you like the rest of the blog, cheers, AB