Monday, 19 September 2016

Faust - BBC Sessions+ (rel. 2001)

For a blog named after a Faust lyric, it's high time there was some Faust on these pages.  So here's something that doesn't get quite as much exposure as the core albums, but definitely deserves it.

This compilation is from 2001, and swept up a few of the remaining unreleased oddities from Faust's original incarnation, along with a couple that had already seen the light of day elsewhere - and the BBC session, first broadcast in March 1973, that gives the disc its name.

Despite the description, Faust never recorded in the BBC studio, finding it incompatible with their gear - instead, a 22 minute tape of new material was sent over.  First up was eight minutes of laid back groove entitled The Lurcher - towards its end,  as Rudolf Sosna's guitar comes to the fore, you can hear where Jennifer from Faust IV was going to come from.  Suddenly, the recording smashes into a much more primal, molten-hot miasma of sound.  The aforementioned album's legendary opening track rumbles on in an even more thrilling rough mix - such a high point of the krautrock canon that they named it after that cringey-to-this-day genre descriptor (invented by the British music press) in mock-homage.  The session ends with Do So - a brief, more electronics-heavy version of Stretch Out Time that would appear on The Faust Tapes.

As I see, you are the one to be me


  1. Oh! Wunderbar! Faust! The greatest band of all times! Vielen, vielen Dank!

    1. They're one of a kind indeed. Legendär!

    2. Actually they are or were two of a kind. I don't know if Hans Joachim Irmler is musically retired, but he was fronting a group where he was the only original member. Jan Fride (from Kraan) had replaced original Faust drummer Zappi in that band, who called themselves Faust. With only one original member I found it hard to call them Faust though Fride is a great drummer and there were a couple of longtime Faust side members included.

      "Other" Faust Jean-Herve Peron and Zappi released the studio album jUst in 2014 and toured America this year, I was very lucky to see them, the music was way better than I expected and the show was a real Krautrock happening.